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Stop Creating!

In the midst of many a demanding tantrum my mother would utter these most curious of words. ‘Stop creating’. ‘Stop creating’. What does that mean to a 3 year-old boy? Well, I knew exactly what it meant. It meant stop ‘having a paddy’ and in truth, stop using emotional manipulation to try to get what you want. And I have heard other parents use these words with their children in similar circumstances.

At 54, I find myself revisiting these words once again, not because I remain deeply traumatised by my mother ‘ignoring’ my needs, but because I feel that the words actually express something much deeper than I had appreciated.

It seems to be widely accepted that we live in creation. Whose creation it is might be up for discussion. Many people would say that it is God’s creation. Others who do not believe in a God have alternative suggestions. But for the purposes of this blog, let us agree that we do live in creation whomever has made it what it is.

If there is a God and this is His creation, why does it not all run with the absolute perfection God is surely capable of creating? Would God create the disharmony we all experience in our lives? Or, is it possible that we have our own hand in creation and have brought forth the disharmony ourselves?

Perhaps we can accept that we have created our own disharmony in this world and that this disharmony is our responsibility and not Gods. As I have grown in awareness, I have come to a point where I now consider that we are all creative beings and hence must look with responsibility for what we have created here on Earth.

Imagine for a moment that God has created the Universe and that it is pure harmony and absolute Love. Then we come along and explore our own ‘ability’ to create. Perhaps we have become rather enamoured with this ability and we like the feeling that we have our own individual power. But what can we create in an ‘ocean of pure harmony’? More harmony? Maybe. But is it possible that creating harmony within harmony is a bit like ‘more of the same’ and we, in our ‘individual’ state choose to explore an alternative state of being, something we might call ‘disharmony’? Why would we do so you might ask? Because we can and maybe because it ‘identifies’ us. Otherwise there is just this ocean of harmony and if that is all there is, who are we?

What if then, as we create disharmony, we fight the pure harmony that is the Universe and there is an imbalance? Could it be that our own ‘Mother’ ‘Mother Earth’ has something to ‘say’ about this? Might ‘she’ say ‘stop creating’? For when we create without paying heed to the harmony of the Universe are we in fact like ‘truculent children’ trying to have things all our own way rather than being in tune with the natural balance of all things as created by God Himself?

When my mother told me to ‘stop creating’ something interesting happened. I didn’t feel ‘told off’. It was more a case of being ‘seen’. She had not been fooled by my ‘antics’ and could clearly see that I was ‘playing up’ to get attention or have my own way – something of that ilk. My recollection is that those words ‘stopped me in my tracks’. The game was up. My attempts to manipulate or control had been exposed and there was nowhere to go.

What if our ‘Mother Earth’ is doing something similar with ‘Her’ own ‘readings’ of this creation? What if the extreme weather conditions we experience are Her corrections? Corrections that help rebalance the self-absorption of humanity and the disharmony this creates.

This morning as I write, there is a blanket of ‘new fallen snow’ outside. There is something pure about it, something very beautiful. It feels like a cleansing and a reminder of a more natural way of being. And yes of course snow can be treacherous and slippery, hard to walk and drive on. We have to slow down and take more care in the snow.

Perhaps this is what we need right now – to slow down, to take more care of ourselves and of each other, to return to the harmoniousness that pervades our Universe – if we believe, or even know it so.

So, what if the Universe is in fact a space of pure harmony? What might happen if we ‘stop creating’ our own way and instead surrender and align with this harmony? Might we then experience pure harmony ourselves too? Are we willing to let go of our own creations to know this Universal Harmony? We might be familiar with the words ‘Thy Will Be Done’. On this cold and very still morning, where everything outside has been blanketed in the purest of white snowflakes, I wonder if ‘Thy Will Be Done’ is all about surrendering our own desire to create, and instead allowing ourselves to experience the harmony that is already here when we do so?

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